How to find a job after graduating?

Mujtaba Mehdi
2 min readMay 28, 2022

I have often discussed with a lot of young and talented people about getting their first job in the industry specially in testing, there are various concerns shared by them like requirement of experience even for the first job which becomes a barrier for a lot of fresh graduates to get their first job.

I had a similar experience although I was lucky enough to study at a university that helped us with a job fair where various companies from all around the Pakistan visited and shortlisted people for interviews. I will highly recommend trying for these comapanies because they hire fresh graduates, train them and help them kickstart their career.

The key here is to apply to these companies where you have the probability to be considered for an opportunity and then later you can establish your career in these companies for roles like Designers, Quality Assurance, Development, Devops or Data Analysis.

Please make sure you apply properly by submitting a good resume highlighting the relevant details for the role you are applying, also include a small cover letter or at least write one or two paragraph in the email when you send the resume regarding why you are the best candidate for this role.

Some of the companies I know which hire fresh graduates are:

(A tip for all those geeky fresh graduates to find these pakistani companies on their own is using this LinkedIn Filter)

  1. CureMD Lahore
  2. ICI Pakistan
  3. Islamabad
  4. Contour Software
  5. Arbisoft Lahore
  6. Gaditek
  7. Teradata Pakistan
  8. Techlogix
  9. Systems Limited
  10. 10Pearls Pakistan
  11. VentureDive
  12. Synavos
  13. DPL
  14. Devsinc
  15. AKSA SDS
  16. Codistan
  17. Confiz
  18. Nisum
  19. Abacus Consulting
  20. Red Buffer
  21. Datics AI
  22. Avanza Solutions
  23. Cubix
  24. BrainX Technologies
  25. Arpatech
  26. Next Generation Innovation
  27. AppsGenii
  28. Securiti.AI
  29. Jazz
  30. Telenor

These are few of the companies that often offer an opportunity to fresh graduates especially in the IT sector to join the industry.

There can be instances where you might not get response from the companies because either they have already hired someone else or you experience is not relevant for them. In such cases try to make use of your time and either learn more about the field you are interested in by doing online courses from Coursera, Edx and Udemy or even working on freelance projects from Upwork or Fiverr.

If you know more companies which offer the same opportunity to fresh graduates then please share the name and careers page link in the comments, thanks.

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